× Notice! Due to COVID-19 this service has been temporarily suspended. We are sorry for any inconvenience caused.
The Inverness service runs on the last Saturday of the month, January to November, and the first and third Saturday of December

We advise you to call (01847) 611766 to book your seat on this popular service!

Outward Journey

Place Bus Stop Time
Talmine Post Office 08:00
Midtown Post Box 08:02
Midtown A838/Melness junction 08:04
Tongue Tongue Hotel 08:15
Loyal Loch Loyal Lodge 08:29
Altnaharra Post Office 08:42
Vagastie Farm road end 08:50
Crask Crask Inn 08:55
Rhian House with wind turbine 09:05
Lairg Car park on A836/Main St 09:15
Railway Station Car park 09:20
Invershin Hotel on A836 09:26
Bonar Bridge Post Office 09:30
Bonar Bridge Toilets Arrive 09:32
Bonar Bridge Toilets Depart 09:40
Ardgay Post Office 09:42
Ardchronie At Bridge 09:50
Ardross Opposite Primary School 10:04
Evanton Skiach Services 10:10
Duncanston At crossroads on A9 10:24
Tore South-bound layby on A9 10:29
Inverness Morrisons (Millburn) 10:42
Inverness Tesco Retail Park 10:50

Return Journey

Place Bus Stop Time
Inverness Tesco Retail Park 16:00
Inverness Morrisons (Millburn) 16:18
Tore North-bound layby on A9 16:31
Duncanston At crossroads on A9 16:36
Evanton Skiach Services 16:50
Ardross Opposite Primary School 16:58
Ardchronie At Bridge 17:12
Ardgay Post Office 17:20
Bonar Bridge Toilets Arrive 17:22
Bonar Bridge Toilets Depart 17:30
Bonar Bridge Post Office 17:32
Invershin Hotel on A836 17:37
Lairg Railway Station Car Park 17:43
Lairg Car park on A836/Main St 17:47
Rhian House with wind turbine 17:57
Crask Crask Inn 18:06
Vagastie Farm road end 18:11
Altnaharra Post Office 18:21
Loyal Loch Loyal Lodge 18:34
Tongue Tongue Hotel 18:48
Midtown A838/Melness junction 18:59
Midtown Post Box 19:01
Talmine Post Office 19:03