1. What service does T4T offer?
T4T offers three services:

  • Door to Door Car Service
  • The Public Bus Services
  • Minibus Hire


2. What is the Door to Door Car Service?
The Door to Door Car Service is designed to give residents of Melness, Tongue and Skerray access to vital services and amenities including shops, bank, Health Centre and visits to friends
3. Who can use the Door to Door Car Service?
If you are a resident of Melness, Tongue or Skerray. you can sign up to be a member of T4T for an annual payment of £10, and you are then entitled to use the service at a cost of 60p/mile to cover expenses.
4. How do I become a member of T4T Door to Door Car Service?
Contact T4T on 01847-611766. It costs £10 a year to become a member.
5. Why do I have to pay to become a member?
Use of this service is restricted to members because this is a legal requirement of services like this.
6. Will T4T take me to my hospital appointment?
The fare which T4T  charges  for trips to hospital appointments may be eligible for re-imbursement  through the Highlands and Islands Patient Travel Scheme. Also, for a limited period, T4T has funding available to cover the cost of journeys not fully re-imbursed. If you think you may be eligible and require transport to a hospital appointment please contact Tongue Health Centre on 01847 611213 or speak to Annette at the T4T office. To be eligible you must have no other means of getting to the appointment.
7. Can I bring my dog?
Unfortunately not. Many of our volunteers don’t like to have dogs in their cars and some people are allergic to dogs. This means that we cannot take people to the vets for example. (Guide dogs are allowed as required by equal opportunities legislation).
8. Will T4T give me a lift home from the pub?
Unfortunately not! The T4T Door to Door Car Service is not a taxi. (Understandably, our volunteers do not want to be making journeys late at night and be transporting people who may be a little “worse for wear”).
9. Can I take my baby or Children in the Door to Door Car?
Yes, provided they are accompanied and you provide suitable car seats.


10. What is the T4T Public Bus Service?
In September 2012, T4T began running public bus services. Timetables are available in local shops and on-line at our website, on our Facebook page and at
11. Who can use the bus services?
Anyone. You do NOT need to be a member of T4T, and you do NOT need to live in the area to use the bus services.
12. Can I use my Bus Pass?
Yes! If you have a concessionary travel pass you are welcome to use it on T4T buses. Please remember to bring the pass with you to be eligible for free travel.
13. Do I need to book the bus?
No – you can hail the bus as you would any other bus. You need to be at the bus stop in time. (It might be possible to flag the bus down in between stops, but the bus will only halt if the driver considers it safe). Booking is advisable if you want to be sure of a seat. Call on 01847-611766 to make a booking.
14. The bus route doesn’t come near my house – can you help?
On some routes the bus may be able to divert up to one mile from the main route to pick you up. Call on 01847-611-766 at least 12 hours in advance if you need the bus to do this.


15. What is T4T?
T4T is a community transport service. This means that we provide transport services for people in and around Melness, Tongue and Skerray, and that the company is owned and run by the community.
16. What is the legal status of T4T?
T4T is a company limited by guarantee.
17. Who runs T4T?
T4T is run by a Board elected from its members at an Annual General Meeting (AGM).
18. Can I become a Board Member of T4T?
If you are a member/subscriber of T4T, you can stand for election at the AGM. You may also be co-opted onto the Board between AGMs if the board wants you to serve. The T4T Board would welcome such help. (How do I become a member of T4T? – see question 4).


19. Are the people in T4T paid?
Most of the work involved in running T4T is done on a voluntary basis. Volunteers are entitled to re-claim any legitimate expenses they incur. As T4T has grown, we have had to employ some staff on a limited basis. This includes a part-time manager, a part-time administrator and a part-time driver. Board members are not paid.
20. How can T4T afford to run all these services?
T4T gets grants from Highland Council for the Door to Door Car Service, from charities, and from public donations. It also gets income from the fares charged for the Door to Door Car Service, Bus Service and from Minibus Hire. By far the most outstanding contribution is from the hours and hours of volunteer time that are donated every month.
21. Does T4T make a profit?
Any profit that the company may make is re-invested in the provision of services.


22. How can I help?
There are many ways you may be able to help, from becoming a volunteer driver, helping with fundraising, or simply making a donation. Anything, however small, is always welcome. If you are able to help, please call the T4T booking office on 01847-611-766.
23. What is the difference between a £1 subscriber and a £5 member subscriber?
The £10 member subscriber may vote and use the Door to Door Car Service while the £1 subscriber is only entitled to vote and not to use the Door to Door Car Service.
24. What happens if the Highland Council do not continue to support T4T in the future?
T4T will need to become self-sustaining, or to find alternative sources of funding – otherwise it will be unable to operate.
25. How does T4T become profitable?
By providing good services that meet people’s needs, and by encouraging people to make use of each service: the Door-to-Door Car Service, the Bus Routes and the Mini-Bus hire by local groups.
26. Will the driver load/unload my luggage/packages?
Each passenger is responsible for their own luggage/packages, but drivers will give reasonable assistance if required.
27. Is it OK to tip the driver?
T4T policy is that drivers should not be tipped.